My Name is Jason, I'm a husband, father of two girls, and an all round down to earth person who looks on the brighter side of things; always.  I love photography and I'm pleased to offer my services for Kingston, Ontario and the Sault Ste. Marie(Northshore Areas) of Ontario.  

I love to meet new people and having the opportunity to photograph them and capture moments that they will have forever.  For this reasonI love what I do.  Since starting this new career in photography I have had the honour to photograph many couples on their wedding day, and I've met many fantastic families who I keep seeing year after year as they update their family photo albums.  These people become friends after our initial session which is very important to me.  Your not only a client but a friend that I want to keep in touch with.

As you can see from my portfolio I have a very broad range of events that I have photographed.  Everything from weddings to sports and even concerts.  Not only do I run my own photographic business but I am also sports photographer for Queens University Athletics department covering many of their varsity teams throughout the school year.  I've also developed a large enough portfolio of musicians to gain media accreditation to concerts without being backed by a media agency.  I'm always developing this portfolio to gain more access to musicians and the opportunity to photograph them off stage for their own portfolio; something I look forward to exploring more in the future as this business grows.

I understand that these days the cost of your investment in my services is very important and I don't come right out and list what my package costs are.  Instead I would really love to meet in person, or at least communicate through email or even better by phone, I can always be reached.  However if you really would like to know, my family/personal photography sessions start at $150; wedding packages start at $1300 and include many details which I would love to discus with you on a more personal level.

With this being said, and you now a little more about me, I look forward speak with you.  Give me an email or a shout on my cell.   Till then,


Cheers,  Jason