--April 1st, 2015--

I have been busy with a few projects and I just haven't taken the time to update my site. So with my first update in a couple months here is a fantastic engagement shoot I did with a wonderful couple at a pretty cool farm house just west of Kingston. Enjoy the photos and Congratulations to Jamie and Angie on their engagement and coming wedding day.

-- Jan 20, 2015 --


So I have been slacking off as of late. I thought that i would be keeping up on writing these little posts but to be honest with you it's been a little tricky. Being a stay at home dad to a 3 year old, trying to get the business flowing a little better, keeping up on sports images for Queens University and then organizing all the photos from the previous year has my mind in a boggle. Never the less, I will make a change and keep it up. I will post at least once a week, I mean it this time. At least I think I will mean it this time. Before the year came to and end I gained a photo pass to photograph a couple great country music acts, Black Jack Billy, Doc Walker and the Road Hammers. It was a really rocking country show if you can combine those words together. So, here are those rocking country images I captured from the show; Enjoy!

--Dec. 22, 2014-- 

Last year I wanted to try taking some sports portraits for some of the local Minor league hockey teams, however it just didn't work out. This year however I was presented with the opportunity to photograph the Kingston Ringette Association teams, the Kingston Panthers.

What I thought would be a fun little challenge was actually a large undertaking for one person to do. My set up was simple, black seamless paper, two flashes off camera and well a bunch of kids and teens to control, no really they were great. Without a "studio" setting i made due with a team dressing room for one shoot and the end of the rink for the last shoot. the photos actually turned out how I had IMAGINED they would; Simple and to the point PORTRAITS with out any gimiky backgrounds, green screen, just nice clean photos. 

When it comes to being a fly-by-wire "studio" for shooting and producing photo packages for parents and kids it was interesting and a great learning experience. would I do it again? in a heart beat! Here are a couple photos and I hope you enjoy them.

Any feedback is appreciated and if you like what you see and would like a similar session, not necessarily hockey themed then please contact me and I'll pack up my gear and HEAD OUT to your place for your session.

Cheers, Jason

--Dec. 10, 2014--

A New Year coming, a new look and feel. I have decided to change the look and feel of my site. I HOPE THAT THE NEW LOOK TO MY SITE WILL show PURE CREATIVITY AND THE IMPRESSION OF A BLANK CANVAS. I love photography and everything about it, thus limiting myself to one area, such as weddings and families, I know that I will never be happy. My passion for sports, music, and just being creative is starting to really take over my direction of this business. Therefore, Whether it's sports or a beautiful wedding, this website will be my blank canvas to display my art.

I have finally realized that the way I photograph something is my art, I can't be anyone else, edit photos like anyone else, what you see is me and my INTERPRETation of photographic art. Please Enjoy and share in these photos with me. 

I am always looking to meet new people and open my portfolio to new ideas and art; please contact me if you would like to book a portrait session, wedding, engagement or an event to cover. I'm not far from my cell phone-613-530-6614.